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We specialize in purchase transactions. Unlike a refinance, a purchase transaction has time frames and contractual commitments that unless honored can cause stress, financial penalties, the loss of your dream home and even the loss of your earnest money deposit. You want to make sure to entrust your purchase loan and transaction to an expert in this field!

Ask about our “No Worry Guaranteed” Pre-Underwriting program. It allows all the underwriting of your file to be done before you find your home, giving you peace of mind that there will be no surprises down the road, AND allow you to make a ‘no-loan-contingent’ purchase offer. This makes you similar to cash! 


Ease and rate. When it comes to a refinance you want it to be hassle free, timely and get a good price. 

We’ve spent over a decade getting the funding sources together to give what was thought to be this impossible combination. Low price, fast service and a great experience. 

Popular Mortgage Programs

We can provide the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. 

  • Well-qualified, price sensitive, shopper loans
  • Hard to qualify, easier guidelines loans
  • Conventional/FHA/VA/ Jumbo
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Bank Statement deposits as income
  • Stated Income
  • Renovation & Construction
  • $0 down, down payment assistance and other 1st time buyer products
  • low FICO score loans
  • Investor loans
  • 10+ financed properties, Hotel, Motel, Commercial loans
  • Dr Loans
  • and more!

get your home loan now.

Buying a home? Ready to refinance? Just click Apply Now to get started!

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All we do are home loans, and we’re great at it. Just last year alone, we helped more than 2500 consumers, like you, get a new loan.


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All we do are home loans, and we’re great at it. Let us help you too.

First You Apply

Click Apply Now! That application alone will give us all a great idea what you qualify for and all the pricing information you will want. We'll reach out to you right away with any additional information needed.

Under Processing

Once we have a complete file we'll get your file reviewed. And if you want the "No Worry" Pre-Underwritten program, we'll submit your file to be reviewed and pre-approved by the underwriter here too.

Final Approval

Final approval happens after your credit and income and assets have been reviewed. The property will need to be approved and value ascertained as well. Once all this is done you will get those beautiful words, "Clear To Close". That is the last of all the approvals.

get your home loan now.

Buying a home? Ready to refinance? Just click Apply Now to get started!

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Check us out on Yelp, Google Business and Zillow! We are proud of our 5 Star Reviews!

"This was my first experience in real estate. My realtor buddy works with Jevon exclusively and after my experience, I definitely understand why. Not only is Jevon a great dude, he took the time out to answer every single (dumb) question I had and made sure that I felt comfortable throughout the process. When I found the home I wanted to buy, I was asked to cross qualify with the seller's mortgage company. When I spoke with them, they told me that they knew Jevon and said he was a good guy and that I was all set. He said "if Jevon says you're good, you're good" When the competition praises you, you have to be doing something right! I highly recommend working with Jevon and team!"
1st Time Home Buyer
"I cannot say enough about how much Jevon and team did for us to make our purchase happen! The care and patience they had from beginning to end was amazing. I can pretty much say with 100% certainty that no one else could have helped the loan go through especially with the terms we were looking for. Highly recommended!"
Sam R.
Home Buyer


Get us all or part of the info for a loan application and we will get you accurate pricing, rates and a pre-qualification! This is the smart way to start your home financing journey.

About Jevon Perra

At only 5 years old he was seen wearing overalls and carrying bricks at the work site. Jevon’s passion for real estate started there. Jevon Perra started his grown up career in the real estate world with hands on experience building and remodeling multi-family properties for his family’s real estate business in southern California. Jevon has evolved to being ranked as one of the best In lending that prides himself on being a rock for his clients, communicating every detail and changing the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. He’s so proud of his 5-star customer surveys on Yelp, Google Business and Zillow. And he always makes sure to get the best rates for his clients.

get your home loan now.

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